Denali is an interesting national park because it is made up of two biomes:

Taiga Biome :
- it is one of the largest ecosystems on earth
- winters are long and cold and most of the limited precipitation falls in the summer
- too short growing period for farming
- many large herbivores live here
- marshes, lakes, and ponds are common
- most of the trees occur in dense strands of one of few species
- coniferous trees

Tundra Biome:
- few trees are grown here
- grassland: boggy, open, windswept
- covers one-fifth of earth's land surface
- little rain or snow
- rain falls in brief arctic summer
- permafrost
- small trees, usually confined to margins of streams and lakes
- large grazing mammals and carnivores live here

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Because it in these two biomes, this ecosystem is very interesting. It contains a varies amount of species that interact with each other that you cannot see anywhere else