There are no endangered species in Denali but there are animals that have been on the Endangered Species list and a few that have been recently removed. One of the species that have been recently removed from the list is the peregrine falcon. It was removed from the endangered species list in 1999 but it is still threatened in Michigan. There are three subspecies of peregrine falcons, the American peregrine falcon, the tundra/arctic peregrine falcon and the Peale's peregrine falcon. American peregrine falcon is the one that breeds in Denali but tundra peregrine falcons pass through Denali during migration. The peregrine falcons were placed on the endangered species list in 1973 and has grown rapidly since 1980. The population of peregrine falcons declined because of the DDT that caused the eggshells to become thin and fragile, so the offspring could not survive if the eggshell had been cracked or touched. Now DDT has been banned in the United States and since then the population has increased. There is no estimation of the amount of peregrine falcons there are but Denali still keeps track of the peregrine falcon's safety.