Welcome to Denali National Park and Preserve’s information wikispace! This website is here to help you understand why you should visit this lovely national park. It is a unique place to visit – not just because it’s in Alaska (the 49th state of the United States), but because it is in two biomes. Biome are major communities of organisms that have a characteristic appearances and are distributed over a wide land are defined largely by regional variations in climate. There are 7 major groups of biomes in the world and Denali is part of the taiga biome and the tundra biome. Denali is an ecosystem that is part of those two biomes. Ecosystems are major interacting systems that include organisms and their non living organisms. This ecosystem has a great diversity of plants and animals that fit into the taiga biome and tundra biome – that is why you’ll enjoy Denali, TWO IN ONE! Everyone wants more than one great experience, they want two! There’s much to see in Denali because it is roughly bigger than the state of New Hampshire! Feel free to look through the site and understand the organisms in the park as well as relationships with the land and people. Enjoy!01-denali-from-reflection-pond.jpg park1_GETTY.hmedium.jpg
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