Density dependent limiting factors are limiting factors that depend on population size.
- Competition (food, water. space, shelter)
- Predation (population of predators are high and population of prey is low; decrease amount of resources available)
- Disease (parasites = easier to find a host)
- Parasitism
- Crowding (deplete sources, increase stress and disease)
- Stress (organisms become weaker)

Density independent limiting factors are limiting factors that affects all population in similar ways, regardless of the population size.
- Natural Disaster (Earthquakes)
- Temperature (Extreme Temperatures, summer and winter = two totally opposite temperatures)
- Sunlight
- Human Activity (Deforestation, Wildfires)
- Organisms
  • physical characteristics - many have adapted and evolved to the ecosystem of Denali so they have an increased chance of survival (changing fur colors)
  • behaviors (courtships with fish)