Producers are organisms that can manufacture their own food. These organisms can use light energy or transforming inorganic molecules to manufacture their food. Examples of producers are plants, algae and some prokaryotes. Chemoautotrophic prokaryotes that live in deep water hydrothermal vents and derive energy by oxidizing sulfur compounds. Autotrophs are primary producers. In Denali there are many producers because they belong to both the Taiga and Tundra Biome.

are organisms that must obtain organic molecules that have been synthesized by autotrophs. Examples of heterotrophs are animals, fungi, most protists and prokaryotes, as well as non green plants. There are different levels of consumers, primary, secondary and tertiary consumers. Primary consumers are herbivores that feed directly on green plants. Secondary consumers are carnivores and parasites of animals that feed on the herbivores. Tertiary consumers are animals like hawks that eat carnivores, which are secondary consumers.