- longest season of Denali
-year round resident animals are well-adapted to life in the subarctic
- all the mammals, fish, about 18 species of birds, and the wood frog are resident animals
-average winter highs range from zero to 30 degrees F
-extremely cold days the low may reach minus 40 degrees F.

brings the return of 80% of Denali’s bird life
- the waking of hibernating bears
-increase in activity levels of wildlife

- time for raising young and preparing for migration, hibernation, or survival during the winter
- brings many of insects yo Denali, including mosquitoes
- late summer king and chum salmon run in the multitude of streams and rivers
- temperatures are usually in the 60's with highs, rarely, to 85 degrees F
- mid-summer there is almost 21 hours of possible daylight

-migrating birds fill the skies
-bull moose gather their harems of cows for the mating season.